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The IMAP servers

IMAP is an access standard to e-mail over the network. The basic idea is, that all mail stays on the mail-server, so that the same mailboxes can be seen from both the office and from home or from other places.

This document describes how to convert to the new IMAP server and how to configure your mailclient for IMAP connections. All students and staff-members in KOM, who is created after February 1st will use IMAP pr. default.

  1. If you are a new user, your INBOX is already created. Skip on to the next step.
    First you will have to create your INBOX on the IMAP server. Before this is done, you can not receive any mail using the IMAP server. To create your INBOX type createinbox from an unix command prompt. This little program will ask for your password, login to the IMAP server and create your mailbox. If you receive any errors, then stop here and contact help. If you are a staff member in KOM, then the program will offer to turn on delivery to the IMAP server now - choose yes to this! If you are a student, automatic forward of new mail to the IMAP server will be activated after approximately 15 minutes.
  2. If, and only if, you used KOM's old IMAP server, you will have to save all your old folders, which reside on the IMAP server. In netscape, this can be done by copying all the folders into local folders. You must also include your INBOX in this step!!
  3. Configure netscape to use the IMAP server. This is done by selecting "Edit -> Preferences..." from the Netscape menu. A new panel will now emerge - fill it out like this, but of course with your own username. The Incoming mailserver should be determined from this table:

    Position inside KOM/PROCES outside KOM/PROCES
    Student at KOM studimap studimap.kom.auc.dk
    Student at PROCES studimap studimap.control.auc.dk
    Student at the studnet (private PC) studimap.kom.auc.dk Not possible
    Staff at KOM imap imap.kom.auc.dk


  4. If you saved any mailboxes in step 2, then you can now recreate them as sub-folders to your new INBOX and move all folders back to the IMAP server.

Configuration of Pine

Below is part of the pine config options. The name of the IMAP server should be determined from the above table.


inbox-path               = {studimap:143}INBOX
postponed-folder         = {studimap:143}INBOX.postpone
default-fcc              = {studimap:143}INBOX.mbox-out


inbox-path               = {imap:143}INBOX
postponed-folder         = {imap:143}INBOX.postpone
default-fcc              = {imap:143}INBOX.mbox-out
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