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Making your own student WWW homepage

This document is intended to help you writing your own WWW home page, which may be your very first experience writing documents for WWW.

To start, you must create a directory for your documents. The directory entry must be situated right beneath your home directory, and its name is obligatory:

As the WWW server must be able to read your HTML directory, you need to give 'read' and 'execute' permissions to the 'other' group for both your home directory and the HTML directory, as follows:

At the KOM network, users' directories are scanned frequently in order to update the list of WWW homepages. To join this list, the key file, index.html, must exist in your HTML directory. It is your choice how to organise this file, but in the most simple case, you could state your AUC address and your mail address. A sample index.html is shown below:

<TITLE>Alfred Axelsen's homepage</TITLE>

<h1>Alfred Axelsen's homepage</h1>

Hi, I am Alfred. My AUC address is:<p>
<li><em>FrB 7, Room B5-425, Group 205</em><p>

You can reach me via e-mail:<p>
<a href="mailto:alfred@kom.auc.dk">alfred@kom.auc.dk</a><p>

Here is a hypertext link to the homepage of the
<a href="http://www.kom.auc.dk/">KOM department</a>.

<i>Alfred Axelsen</i>

If this sample document is executed by the WWW server, it would look like this. Remember to grant the 'read' permission to 'other' for the index.html-file:

For further information about the syntax and features of the HTML language, try clik on this. You should also take a look at the other users' homepages. This might give you valuable hints in designing your own page.

Good luck with your homepage.

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