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X Terminals

An Xterminal is a graphical terminal device that uses the X-protocol to comminicate with a server. They use a network connection to communicate with one or more hosts.

Different Terminal Models

We have 3 different types of Xterminal in the department. Some of them we have in different models.

Type Manufactor Models
TekXpress Tektronix XP11, XP12, XP17, XP27
XP100, XP200
Sun Xterminal Sun Xterminal-1
KompromiX Developed localy KompromiX

Tektronix X Terminals

The oldest X-terminal in the department is the XP27 terminals. It is a 19" color Xterminal running X11R5. The quality of the display is not very good and the Xserver software breaks down very easy.

The XP10-series (XP11/12/17) followed the XP20 series of X-terminals from Tektronix. They are running X11R6 and the software is much more stable and has more features.

Model Size Resolution
XP11 15" B/W 1024x768
XP12 19" B/W 1280x1024
XP17 14" Color (8-bit) 1024x768
XP27 19" Color (8-bit) 1152x900

The XP100 and XP200 models has support for different monitors and screen-resolutions. We have equiped most of them with 17" displays running 1152x900 pixels with 8-bit colors.

SUN X-Terminals

SUN was producing Xterminals for a short periode and it was basicaly some of there small workstations without SCSI-interface and disk, but capable of booting a small UNIX kernel and a X-server from a network server.

The Xserver is X11R5 with Adobe Display PostScript extension. This makes the Xterminal run programs that needs Display PostScript (DPS).

KompromiX Terminals

In 1996 we experimented with building our own Xterminal. All the software needed is free: Linux as the operating system and XFree86 as the Xserver running on top of Linux. The hardware for this Xterminal is cheap because it is standard PC components and we can use the cheapest parts we can get.

The kompromiX Xterminals consists of PC without harddisk, but with a network card with bootrom. It bootes a read-only Linux installation from the net and starts a X-server.

Corrently the KompromiX terminals is running X11R6.3 (XFree86-3.3.1), but is updated regularely when new versions of XFree86 or Linux arrives. They support different graphics cards and monitors, and also different resolutions and color-depths (depending on the monitor and graphic card).

Most of the KompromiX terminals we have build has a ATI Mach64 2BM graphic card and a 17" monitor capable of running 1152x900 pixels with 8 or 16 bit colors, or 800x600 pixels with 24 bit colors. [an error occurred while processing this directive]