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Connection to stud.ies.auc.dk

It is important that you read this page and do exactly as described before connecting a computer!

In order to get your computer connected to the student network, you must:

  1. Get hold of the neccesary cables, network adapter and perhaps a HUB, if you have more than one computer in your group room. The plug available in the group rooms are of the type "RJ-45" aka "10BASE-T", so if you want to connect equipment using "10BASE-2" aka "COAX" you will need a hub. Polyteknisk Radiogruppe can sell/lease you these items. The KOM Dataværksted will NOT lend anybody cables or equipment - we support the net no further than the plug in the wall; anything else you must provide yourself.
  2. Use the Studnet Administration Tool) to obtain an IP adress for your computer and to register a name for it. You will need to know the hardware adress of your network adapter (also called MAC or ethernet adress). If you have multiple network adapters in the computer, we need the hardware adress of the one that is going to be connected to the student network. This adress can be found by:

After registering, you may connect your computer and configure it with the following information:

HostnameClick here
IP-numberClick here
Broadcast adress10.255.255.255
DNS (Domain Name Server)
WWW-proxywwwproxy.stud.ies.auc.dk (port 3128)
NNTP (News server)sunsite.stud.ies.auc.dk
Outgoing mailservermailhost.kom.auc.dk
IMAP serverstudimap.kom.auc.dk
WINS servers10.225.51.16,,
SMB (Windows network) serverssamba-control, samba-kom, samba-kom2


The studentnet is routed to our backbones, but not to the rest of the internet (this is not possible and against our policy). This is why certain homenbanking applications and for example ICQ won't work!

It is needed to set up routing, if you want to gain access to the mailservers and all the other UNIX hosts on the backbone. Please check the Windows and linux setup pages for instructions.

Remember to register!

It is not allowed to connect a computer in your group room without registering it first, not even if it is "just" for 5 minutes or if you are stressed with project work. The same rules apply, if further computers are going to be connected, ALL computers must be registered before they are connected. Violation of these rules will be regarded as network abuse and will result in the whole group room being cut off immediately. If you buy a new network adapter or in other ways change your hardware adress, you must contact the KOM Dataværksted to renew your registration. Read the student network rules here.

Support for studnet - Important!

Please note that ALL support of studnet is on news://sunsite.auc.dk/ies.edb!! Questions asked to help will be redirected to news, so don't mail us!

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